You’re Good


Self-love project:

Two photos a day of my torso and my feet inspired by how my feet carry the weight of my stress that I hold in my chest and stomach.  A bit of a stab at the “you’re fine” nonchalant attitude towards mental health.  Also a personal truth, as walks are what clear my mind.   For every personal epiphany I collect a fallen leaf to hold on to for safe keeping to inspire me whenever I’m down because they symbolize all the times I’ve gotten down but have gotten back up again.  I hope all of you find your own version of leaf epiphanies to help keep your beautiful souls rolling onwards.


Fridge Magnet Poetry//Summer Burns Revisited

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.11.01 PM

a drunken fridge magnet collaboration that was born from a moment where this was true

(i now know the sovereign uterus is a fabulous deity of choice and i am a complete and unbroken individual; replace “men” with misogyny or neoliberalism or hegemonic masculinity or romantic norms or something)

~ Hanna